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Rhonda Cormack

My career in Dental technology started in August 1980 when I was selected by Professor Watts (at Edinburgh Dental hospital and School) and given an apprenticeship. I attended Telford Technical College in Edinburgh 2 days a week and then 3 days a week I worked in the senior Pros lab at Edinburgh Dental Hospital. I gained City&Guilds Final qualifications(1983) and advanced City&Guilds in General Prosthodontics(1985) and Crown&Bridge(1993) as well as SCOTEC certificates(1982) and Diplomas in Dental Technology(1983/84).

I was fortunate to receive promotions when they became available, climbing the ladder quickly and also instructed part time at Telford Technical College and at High School Yards-Edinburgh University. 1995 I accepted a teaching position with the School of Health Studies in Victoria-Seychelles. 1998 saw me return to Scotland. I worked for 6 months at Church dental Lab in Drayton-Norwich helping set up a prosthetics section and then in late 1998 I accepted the Chief position in the Metal Techniques laboratory-Manchester Dental Hospital and School. I attended MMU 2001/2002 - the Dental technology Degree course. 2007 I resigned from MDH to set up The Old Kiln Dental Laboratory..

I have been very lucky, working with many interesting and talented Technicians and Clinicians. Sharing and learning all the way.

Although some would say Dental technology is my main interest in life, I actually have loads of other things I like doing. All involve manual dexterity and producing something, I have lots of crafty stuff going on at any one time. My biggest love and greatest achievement however is my 12 year old son Cormac.

Steven Sale

My career in Dental Technology began in 1987 working in a commercial laboratory. Soon after I decided I wanted to be a qualified Dental Technician so began a 3 year full time course at Manchester Polytechnic.

I then started work at Manchester Dental Hospital in 1991 and continued part time at Manchester Polytechnic for the next four years gaining a Higher National Certificate and Higher National Diploma in Dental Technology. Having worked at Manchester Dental Hospital for 18 years I was fortunate to be able to gain considerable experience in Crown & Bridge and Implantology and worked my way up to Chief Technician. During this time I also completed an assignment for the British Executive Overseas who place volunteers in developing countries to impart their Knowledge and skills. In 2007 I was in need of a new challenge and Rhonda and myself opened The Old Kiln Dental Laboratory.

We continue to enjoy providing a high quality service to our clients and keeping up to date with new developments in the ever changing world of Dental Technology.

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